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Supernatural‘s Dean Losing His Memory Turned Out to Actually Be a Good Thing

Dean Winchester losing his memory sounds like the worst thing that could ever happen on Supernatural, especially when he can’t remember his own name or even the face of his brother. That’s exactly what happened during Thursday’s episode, but it turned out to be a truly great thing.

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In the end, Sam enlisted the help of Rowena to save Dean. So all is good and Dean is back to normal. But what made the episode one of the best ever is watching Dean’s journey from his normal self, deteriorating into a man losing himself, his mind, his memories and his life.

Supernatural fans know how well Dean-centric episodes usually go. Really, they are some of the best of the series and the same can be said for tonight’s “Regarding Dean.” And if you think about it, these particular episodes wouldn’t be successful without Jensen Ackles.

He is a shining star who has created the Dean we all know and love to this day. We watched him tonight slowly go from regular hunter Dean to a Dean who had no idea about hunting, supernatural beings or everyday objects. Regarding the latter, he even called a lamp a “light stick,” which actually makes sense if you think about it.

Moving on. Ackles then played an unrecognizable Dean Winchester who stared at himself in the mirror with a single man-tear streaking down his face repeatedly uttering so he wouldn’t forget, “My name is Dean Winchester. Sam is my brother. Mary Winchester is my mom. And Cas is my best friend.” It was beyond heartbreaking to watch.

Ackles’ ability to go from comedy (and he was so on point with his comedy) to drama in a matter of seconds shows why he’s in the right profession. That’s the type of performance Ackles gave tonight. Without him, this episode wouldn’t have been a hit.

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So as sad and as depressing as it was to watch Dean forget things, himself and those he loves, it created a memorable episode and some of the best Dean scenes. Oh, and did anyone else’s heart break a little bit when Sam said watching Dean forget was actually harder than all the times he’s seen him die? Just add that to the long list of all the brotherly love moments between Sam and Dean that are capable of causing us to cry.

These are the types of episodes fans love and will never forget. They produce powerful performances and just the right amount of comedy and emotion, all while illustrating once again why Sam and Dean’s bond is unbreakable. What more could Supernatural fans ask for?

If we have to watch Dean lose his memories (and of course get them back at the end) in order to see a fantastic episode, we’ll take it. “Regarding Dean” truly was another gift to Supernatural fans.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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