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Donald Trump Isn’t Too Busy Being President to Slam Nordstrom

Of all the Trump children, Ivanka Trump seems to be the most liberal, which is probably why I like her. She is committed to women’s rights and even made a point to meet with Leonardo DiCaprio about climate change ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

But just because her dad is president doesn’t mean she gets to change the way business works.

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Still, when Nordstrom announced they were cutting ties with Ivanka Trump’s line due to poor performance, Donald Trump couldn’t help but weigh in on Twitter.

I respect the man for the fact that he cares about his daughter. A good daddy is always going to be protective, so when you look at President Trump’s tweet in that light, it’s understandable he’s upset.

This is just typical Donald Trump, though. It would take all of a broken nail for him to freak out over things on Twitter.

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That being said, Nordstrom has maintained the decision had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with business, something the Trump family should, should, know very well.

If anything, I would think Donald Trump’s tweet would make Nordstrom even less likely to do business with the family in the future because what company wants to have to worry about its decisions being blasted on Twitter by the president himself?

This is also a huge issue regarding conflict of interest, with a president taking direct action against a company for his family’s personal gain.

It’s safe to say that, legally, Nordstrom has no obligation to put Ivanka Trump’s line in their stores. If anything, Donald Trump has just dug the fashion line’s grave.

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Ivanka Trump is doing the smart thing and not commenting publicly.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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