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Nathan Fillion’s Guest Star Roles Are Redeeming Him From That Castle Debacle

Nathan Fillion admittedly didn’t do himself any favors in the wake of Stana Katic’s explosive exit from Castle, which had fans reeling and calling for a boycott so vocally, the network ultimately decided to just cancel the show rather than face the backlash any longer.

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Fillion’s attempt to laugh off the drama at the end of the series coupled with his inability to seem genuine when talking about his time on the series had fans calling out Fillion’s bullshit. It also only fueled rumors that Fillion and Katic had beef.

I know this isn’t the popular opinion, but put yourself in Fillion’s shoes for a second. He had no control over the network’s decision to give Katic the boot and then he lost his paycheck in the fallout. That would make anyone feel a little bit bitter. Fillion had his moment to lick his wounds, but now he’s on the rebound. And he’s doing a really great job of reminding all of us why he’s a star. The guy is charming as hell.

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First, he killed it on Modern Family, and now he’s taking on Brooklyn Nine-Nine with a role that is close to home for Fillion after his Castle days.

According to Entertainment Weekly, he’ll be portraying an “actor who thinks he’s got the skills to be a detective simply because he played one on TV.”

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Hmm, that sounds a lot like an author who becomes a detective. Yup, I think Fillion is up for the task.

Do you think Fillion has redeemed himself after the Castle drama?

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