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Blue Ivy Is Definitely Part of the Illuminati and We Will Prove It

I guess it’s entirely possible that Beyoncé and Jay Z named their firstborn Blue Ivy because it’s an adorable name and it’s unique and they like it. But that would be no fun, so enter the internet with all kinds of theories about why they actually did it.

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Setting aside that theory that it’s because “Blue Ivy” spelled backward means “daughter of Satan” in Latin because it’s demonstrably false (anyone with Google can tell you “daughter of Satan” in Latin is “filia Satan”) and also *eye roll*, there’s this fun tweet going around that claims to be proof that Blue has her name because Bey and Jay are the Illuminati’s secret rulers.

I’m not here to trash the Illuminati rumors because honestly, the idea that Beyoncé and Jay Z are the rulers of the new free world makes a lot of sense. But you guys, the tweet is just dumb. Literally anyone can make up a poem using Blue Ivy’s name to “prove” her Illuminati status. To show it, some SheKnows editors did the very important work of writing their own.


There you go. Now we’ve “proved,” like, four times via bad poetry that Blue Ivy is a tiny Illuminati queen. Also, we wrote these, which don’t prove anything, but they’re kind of funny, so here you go:

Image: FayesVision/
Image: HBO

And the crowning achievement of our weird little afternoon poetry slam:

Image: beyonceVEVO/YouTube

There you have it, world. Bears love underwear eggs. It’s on a meme, so it’s def true. #Science

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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