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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Reportedly Make a Big Move at Pippa’s Wedding

OK, Prince Harry fans — don’t freak out. Sure, there’s potentially big news about Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves on this one. STAY CALM.

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Rumors are flying right now saying that Harry plans to take Markle to Pippa Middleton’s wedding as his official plus-one. The wedding is set for May 20, and according to a source who spoke with the Express, “Harry and Meghan are madly in love and he no longer wants to hide that from the world.”

But hold up. We’ve been through this before. Remember when there was all that intel saying that Markle was going to accompany Harry to a rugby match and it would be their first official appearance together because they were so in love? Nothing came of that. Nothing. It is entirely possible that this is also just a rumor put out into the world to break the hearts of single ladies everywhere.

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Of course, that was much earlier in their relationship, and Harry and Markle do seem to be getting more serious lately. This news comes just days after friends were telling reporters that they basically live together in London any time Markle isn’t filming Suits in Toronto. All signs point to something very serious between Harry and Markle.

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Still, until they officially make their official appearance somewhere as an official couple, I’m going to stay in denial skeptical. Rumors fly around about these two all the time, and if the internet has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t believe everything you read.

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