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Everything Nick Viall Has Done Right and Wrong as the Bachelor

There is so much good in Nick Viall, but tonight on The Bachelor, I’m pretty sure we witnessed his collapse. The poor guy just had a complete breakdown, and the girls broke down right along with him as soon as they caught on to those overly emotional vibes he was slinging.

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Let’s start with the positives for poor Viall.

He’s genuine

No one can claim Viall isn’t on the show for the right reason. This is a man on a mission to find love.

He’s sensitive

The tears he sheds warm my heart a little bit because he is being so open with his emotions. Gotta love a man who can bear his soul like that.

He’s honest

Viall respects the women, which means he’s going to tell it to them like it is. The man is looking for a wife, and in his search, he’s telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth no matter how brutal it may be.

When the girls try to rag on each other, he turns the conversation back around

When Viall tried to tell Whitney he didn’t see a future with her, she immediately pulled out her claws and aimed them at Danielle. Viall very patiently and politely told her that the conversation didn’t have anything to do with Danielle.

He did the same thing when Taylor tried to make it seem like the only reason she’d been sent home was because Corinne made her out to be a bully.

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Now for the not-so-fuzzy parts of Viall as the Bachelor.

He’s stressed out and anxious

As the weeks go on, Viall seems more and more uncomfortable as the Bachelor. Tonight, when the women were emotional on the group date, instead of comforting them, Viall just got all worked up right along with them. The only one who stayed sane in the whole situation was Raven, which makes me think maybe she balances Viall out, which makes me think maybe she’s the one.

He can’t make eye contact

Viall himself admitted this was a weakness at the beginning of the season. He still needs some work. He turns to avoidance, especially when he gets nervous or uncomfortable, which seems to happen a lot.

He can’t keep his hands off Corinne

Viall’s passion is a good thing. His passion for Corinne in front of the other women is not so good.

He’s kind of ruthless

I respect that Viall is honest with the women and sends them home when he knows they aren’t the one. But he’s starting to seem a little trigger-happy. Girls are dropping left and right, so it’s no wonder the remaining six are feeling freaked out.

He doesn’t seem to know what he wants

Sure, Viall wants love, a best friend and an adventure buddy, but what does that look like for him? After having his heart broken twice on television, no one can blame the guy for being skeptical of his feelings, but he’s got to find his confidence for this process to work. All of his insecurity suggests he isn’t ready to settle down despite how much he may want it.

He may or may not have just broken up with all six of the remaining women

Viall went to see all the women at the end of tonight’s episode and told them all that he didn’t think he could keep doing this. Uh, usually when a guy says that, it means he’s done. Like done-done.

So did Viall just break up with all his remaining women?

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