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But Is Meghan Markle’s Ring Actually About Prince Harry? Look Closer

Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their relationship, they have each been scrutinized for any minute detail that might give clues about their relationship, including and especially their accessories.

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The two wore matching blue bracelets to kick off the accessory craze. Then Markle reportedly wore a necklace with the letters H and M. Now it seems that she wore a ring that appeared to be adorned with the letter H. The only problem: It wasn’t an H. It was a double arrow.

Rather than obsessing over Markle’s jewelry, however, it seems like we should be focusing on much bigger signs in the Markle/Prince Harry relationship at this point.

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First of all, they’re currently living together. Markle is staying with Prince Harry at his royal palace cottage.

They’ve also already vacationed together, jetting off to Norway for a private getaway at the beginning of the year.

They were even spotted out and about together on Wednesday, affectionately holding hands for the world to see during a romantic date night in London.

I think we can conclude that they kinda like each other. An H ring isn’t going to make it more official.

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Now, if that ring were on her left ring finger and were adorned with a big, sparkly jewel, that would be another story. But until that day comes for these two, let’s agree that the royal accessory craze is going a bit overboard.

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Prince Harry

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