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Kanye West Isn’t a Fan of Donald Trump Anymore

It’s a good day for Kim Kardashian West, whose husband, Kanye West, has finally seen the light with regard to Donald Trump.

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As a man who prides himself on his support of black movements and equality, West’s Trump support never really made sense. His reasoning for meeting with the president at the end of December, however, was sound. He thought having an open line of communication with Trump was a good way to encourage positive change. Unfortunately, it seems like West is now feeling what a lot of us are feeling: Trump is not the man to steer this country in the right direction.

West deleted all of his previous tweets in support of the president because he isn’t happy with how Trump has conducted himself in his first two weeks of office.

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Welcome to the club, Kanye. Better late than never.

Not that I think Trump particularly worries about the opinions of others (otherwise, how could he in good conscience make the decisions he’s been making). West’s decision to publicly distance himself from Trump does show that rather than inspiring a new wave of change for the country, Trump’s policies only serve to make the people feel even more distant from government.

Kardashian West has been a vocal opponent of Trump and his policies for a while. She supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Kardashian West is a lot of things, but ignorant about the rights of women she is not.

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Still, Kardashian West reportedly respected West’s decision to meet with Trump. Maybe she always knew that he’d return from the dark side.

Did you expect Kanye West to turn his back on President Donald Trump?

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