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People Are Actually Insane if They Think Lady Gaga Has a ‘Belly Roll’

Lady Gaga killed it last night. This is not news. But after her performance, something curious started up. People began tweeting about Gaga’s alleged “belly roll,” which she bared in an outfit that consisted of hot pants, a football shoulder pads-inspired crop top, fishnets and the sparkliest boots we’ve ever seen. As far as we’re concerned, she was the picture of beauty and health, but a few certain someones had a different take on the whole thing.

People went in many different directions on this front. Some referenced the men nearby who were there for the Super Bowl (unlike some of us, who tuned in exclusively for Gaga and then quickly tuned back out) and talking shit about her incredibly toned and healthy midsection; some went full body positivity and praised her for her gorgeous bod; some stood up for her, because people have way too much time on their hands and seemingly couldn’t resist body-shaming her on the internet (trolls know no bounds); some posted about how happy and inspired they feel that their belly looks like Gaga’s; some just hit pause to point out that those who take issue with Gaga’s body obviously have some serious things to work out, because girlfriend looks bomb and we should all be so lucky to look as fit and fabulous as she does.

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I don’t even know where to start to be honest. When I watched Gaga perform last night, I felt heartened at the power of the human spirit — what a feat! Other than Prince, I’m not sure we’ve ever seen such a performance at the Super Bowl, and just imagining the sheer force of talent and collaboration that it took to put on a show of that caliber is pretty wild.

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Lady Gaga Super Bowl half time show
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As one person put it, “Seeing Lady Gaga perform with a little fat on her belly was the most inspirational thing of 2017.” I mean, sure. The bar is set pretty low at this point, but I get it — and, yes, we are aware that Gaga’s stomach is not the post-Photoshop washboard of certain models. So what? She looked incredible. End of story. And to all of the frat boys/stepdads/guys out there talking trash: If only you could land a woman half as strong, powerful and drop-dead gorgeous as Gaga. Now I’m going to forcefully throw my laptop on the floor, as Gaga did last night with her mic.

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