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Let’s Take a Minute to Applaud SNL for Having Four Women Play Men

SNL was on fire last night, but not just because of Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonation. It was the four (yes, four!) women who hilariously played male characters that brought the house down, in what must be a first for the sketch comedy show in its 42nd season.

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When we checked Twitter about 10 p.m. Pacific time on Saturday night, the tweets were already flying over Melissa McCarthy playing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Our imaginations soared anticipating how funny she would be playing the double-talking, press-mocking Spicer, and she didn’t disappoint.

The best line from the sketch came when McCarthy, as Spicer, described the reaction to Trump announcing his Supreme Court Justice pick, Neil Gorsuch. She said: “The crowd greeted him with a standing ovation, which lasted a full 15 minutes, and you can check the tape on that. Everyone was smiling… The men all had erections and every single one of the women was ovulating, left and right!”

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But McCarthy wasn’t the only talented actress to play a man on last night’s show. SNL‘s Family Feud sketch brought us two more. Kate McKinnon reprised her impression of Justin Bieber as the man-child we know and love, and Leslie Jones could barely contain her own laughter as she portrayed actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Host Kristen Stewart also got into the act by donning boys’ trousers to portray Charlie in a sketch about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Seriously, Stewart can do anything! It was so fun to see her break out of her serious, too-cool-for-school demeanor and just get silly.

But it was SNL who found the real Golden Ticket by letting these four talented actresses play male characters. This is a big deal because, traditionally, it’s been acceptable for men to play women in comedy (remember Dana Carvey’s Church Lady?), but it’s rarer for women to play men — most likely because there were plenty of male actors ready to play the male characters. Finally, funny women are getting their shot at adding their own unique spin on male-focused sketches, and it’s a delight.

We hope to see a lot more gender-bending on SNL in the future.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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