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Just When You Thought Idris Elba Couldn’t Get Any Hotter, He Does

I came late to the Idris Elba appreciation fan club, and for this, I apologize.

For years I heard y’all talking and I didn’t listen. I heard the chatter about him needing to be the next Bond, and I found myself shrugging. I shrugged. I mean, I could see that he was a good-looking man, but Bond? James Bond? I’ll be honest: I thought you were reaching.

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Then, my friends, everything changed.

One night, I sat down and began watching a little show called Luther — you may have heard of it. And the moment this man opened his mouth, I was in love. Lust. Both. All of it. I’ve been drinking up any and all Idris Elba news I can get my hands on ever since, but this latest tidbit might just be the juiciest one of all.

You see, Elba is offering us the chance to win a date with him.

But that’s not even the best part!

The best part is that he’s not soliciting dates online to stunt for an upcoming film or to boost his ego. Elba is participating in this date lottery in order to fundraise for an organization called W.E. Can Lead, which seeks to educate and empower young girls.

I know.

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Omaze describes the organization as being “committed to ensuring young girls receive the educational opportunity, leadership development and mentoring support necessary to become the new generation of female leaders across the continent of Africa. Safe spaces are created for girls to learn critical life skills, build self-esteem and defy the cultural norms that hinder them from fulfilling their full potential. W.E. Can Lead strives to empower girls to become influential leaders and decision-makers in their homes, communities and eventually their country.”

As causes go, Elba has put his weight behind an incredibly important one, and just when I thought I wasn’t possible to love him more, I do.

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A velvet-voiced man, handsome as all hell, who respects women and enthusiastically supports their rights to education and autonomy? Yes, please.

I’ve been following this initiative since it launched, but it’s the latest installment of Elba’s fundraising campaign that got my attention.

Take a look:

First of all, he obviously loves kids, and I just so happen to have a kid! Could this be any more perfect?

Second, he is wearing the shit out of that sweater, and just look at the way his pants hang off him — unf.

But also! Literally every single suggestion given by those adorable little ragamuffins would work on me. 100 percent.

“Take the girl somewhere nice, like, somewhere she likes…pay for everything and agree with everything she says,” says one adorable little nugget, and although I’m a 21st-century woman who has no problem going dutch or treating a man, I can’t deny that this would go over well.

Another precocious charmer advises Elba to dance with his date romantically, “and then you can kiss her.” Um, yes. Yes, you can kiss her. And by “her,” I mean me. Several times.

Yet another kid advises Elba to tell a girl he likes her in a song, and although even I can’t deny that Elba’s songs are pretty weak, if he were sitting in front of me singing, I’d be swooning because it’s Idris Elba and did you see him dancing?

If you’d like to support W.E. Can Lead and take a chance on winning a date with my future husband, click here.

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