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Kaitlin Bristowe Isn’t Here to React Dramatically to Nick Viall’s Rude Comments

Kaitlyn Bristowe, who still holds the title for being the most dramatic Bachelorette of all time, is apparently letting the drama go these days.

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Bristowe responded to some comments made by her ex/the new Bachelor, Nick Viall, and was all about the chill. This is not what we came to expect from her after watching her season, TBH.

Viall made his possibly rude comments during an interview on On Air With Ryan Seacrest last month, where he said he was “thankful” he got dumped by his first Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, and “more thankful” that he got dumped by Bristowe.

Of course I’m not hurt by that!” Bristowe told Us Weekly. “I mean, I’m happily engaged to Shawn, and that’s who I’m supposed to be with. So, no, I agree with him. It worked out for him. He gets to be the Bachelor, and it worked out for me — I’m happy with Shawn. Why wouldn’t he be happy we didn’t end up together?”

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It makes sense that Viall’s comments were meant to be harmless, even though it’s gotta sting a little to hear a guy say he’s “thankful” he didn’t end up with someone he was ready to propose to, just because now he gets to be on TV and make out with a couple dozen ladies on the regular. But good on Bristowe for not taking it that way.

And since she was talking about the current Bachelor season, Bristowe weighed in on Corinne Olympios, Viall’s resident villain contestant.

“I don’t know what a good strategy is anymore,” Bristowe said about Olympios’ attention-grabbing behavior. “It seems to be working for her. Everyone’s talking about her — maybe that’s what she wanted. It kind of depends what you want from it.”

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