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Sorry, Prince Harry’s Future Wives Fans: Your Lives Are Officially Over

I’m so sorry, Prince Harry fans. Your lives are over. All of our lives are over. It looks like this is the year we’ll lose our sweet, sweet prince — he and Meghan Markle are definitely locking each other down. Ugh.

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It’s not like we didn’t kind of know this day was coming, even if we squashed it down somewhere deep inside and chose to pretend the sad feelings didn’t exist. Harry and Markle have been jet-setting together. Their families have met. They’re clearly pretty serious about each other. But now, according to their friends (because they don’t each have their own friends — they have their mutual “our” friends now), they’re “taking things to the next level and are practically living together.”

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One of those friends told the Daily Mail that Markle has “virtually moved in[to]” Harry’s cottage at Kensington Palace, and another friend said that Markle is with him in London basically any time she’s not filming Suits.

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“She cooks for him, he pops out to the gym and they’re just enjoying hanging out,” the insider dished. “Meg has always enjoyed spending time in London, but she’s really putting down roots.”

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In the year that we are already (probably) being forced to give up our No. 1 favorite bachelor Nick Viall, losing our No. 2 Prince Harry feels like too much to handle. Then again, in the current political climate, the world already feels like kind of a dumpster fire right now, so this kind of shit is to be expected. Thank God we have things like Beyoncé’s twins to give us hope that, someday, everything will be OK.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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