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Raise Your Hand If the Last Three Minutes of Grey’s Anatomy Made You Scream

Listen, it’s been a tumultuous season on Grey’s Anatomy so far. We’re up, we’re down, we’re all around with our emotions — which, let’s face it, isn’t that much different than the normal roller coaster of psychological abuse Shonda Rhimes somehow gets Grey’s fans to endure on a weekly basis.

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However, this season feels different because Rhimes, that ol’ trickster, has been toying with our deep, abiding love for one of the medi-drama’s OG characters: Alex Karev. In fact, that’s basically been the main storyline thus far.

Last week’s premiere left many fans feeling confused (myself included), because Bailey seemed to confirm that Alex had indeed taken the plea deal and gone to the clinker. But as a few readers pointed out to me (shoutout to Dana Conaway and Michelle Honsvick!), Bailey didn’t actually confirm Alex’s plea deal. She simply told Arizona and Jo about his intentions.

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Could it be possible Alex is sticking around Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital? After all, that last voicemail Meredith left him (“There were five of us. Now there’s just you and me… it can’t just be me.”) had to have gotten him right in the feels.

Which brings us to this week’s episode.

Everyone — well, almost everyone — is back at the hospital, and there are a few things happening. For starters, Richard (aka Webber), Jackson, April and the rest of Richard’s loyal friends and followers still haven’t gotten a handle on the whole Eliza situation. They hatch a plan to basically blacklist her from entering any OR. Predictably, tensions rise.

Sidebar: I’m still processing my feelings for Eliza, so I’m not sure how I felt about the gang conspiring against her. TBH, it felt petty, but hey, Richard has earned the right to be a bit petty.

Two big cases kept everyone busy: a woman named Mindy who was “super-having a baby” and whose husband’s car rams the cab she is in and a hotshot young hockey player who got half his face peeled off by a buddy’s skate.

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Long story short, Mindy’s baby is going to be OK, but Mindy’s fate is up in the air. The hockey player is going to be OK, but only because the hero cab driver who brought Mindy to the hospital noticed he was breathing funny. Turns out he had internal bleeding and the cab driver saved his life by alerting Ben to it.

Why didn’t his original doctor notice it? Well, because his original doctor was Jo, who was incredibly distracted by the whole Alex situation.

A third storyline was — surprise! — Amelia. Turns out she didn’t go very far when she penned that awful, heartbreaking letter to Owen and left. She went to Stephanie’s house, where she is crashing on the couch and avoiding all contact with Owen.

Poor Steph. No one likes being the middle(wo)man.

As for Alex, the episode begins and ends with a nearly identical discussion between Maggie and Meredith. They’ve been Googling, calling, faxing, texting and essentially trying any way, shape or form to find out if Alex is in jail.

Turning up nothing, Meredith assumes he took the plea deal and is gone. Defeated, she goes to her room to “wash this day off” her. She sits her phone on her nightstand, plops down on the bed and…


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There was screaming! There was blubbering! There were tears! And that was just in my house. Back on-screen, Alex and Meredith hugged each other fiercely. Just like that, all was right with the world again, doves.

After last week’s episode, I wanted to believe we’d all be OK if Alex did decide to leave. But who the hell was I kidding? Seeing his miraculous return tonight made me remember how important he is to Meredith’s story. Plus, if we’re really being honest, I may have ‘shipped them a little in that moment. I couldn’t help myself.

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Now that we know Alex is back, does that mean someone else is going to be out soon? Amelia? Maybe Stephanie, since Jerrika Hinton has a new sitcom starting soon? I hope not, but we all know that when Shonda Rhimes giveth, she usually taketh away too.

What do you think? Are you super-excited Alex is sticking around?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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