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Bring It, Negan! The Walking Dead May Have Just Revealed Its Secret Weapon

Is it Feb. 12 yet? It feels like we’ve been waiting so long for The Walking Dead to return that time may have actually started moving backward. Of course, this hasn’t been the longest break ever, so it could just be that I’m terribly impatient. In my defense, AMC keeps dropping juicy little morsels of teaser clips that keep me tantalized.

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The latest of which is only 15 seconds long. That’s it — just 15 seconds, y’all. That’s less time than it takes me each week to decide I want to marry Norman Reedus (surely the current husband would make room), and that’s really saying something.

Check it out, and then catch me after the jump to discuss, m’kay?

Brief though it may be, this teaser clip did contain a few moments that straight-up piqued my curiosity. We’ll start with the softball here: Eugene, appearing to perform some sort of nerdy, chemistry-inspired, fire-wielding party trick to impress some random chicks who were apparently dressed for a night on the town.

TWD Eugene
Image: AMC

Wait, where did these women come from? Since when did the zombocalypse become a black-tie kind of shindig? And when did Eugene stop being, uh, you know… Eugene? He’s not exactly a ladies’ man.

Moving onto the next point of interest, can we bow our heads in a moment of silence for the sound sleep we used to all get before seeing the spiky iron walker of doom? Jesus take the wheel, that thing is terrifying.

TWD Clip
Image: AMC

If Hellraiser and Silent Hill met, fell in love and had little dystopian babies, this would be that unholy offspring.

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As nightmarish as that denizen of the undead is, though, he was basically outshined by one very important (albeit super-brief) cameo from everyone’s favorite suburban mom-turned-total badass: Carol.

In a mere flash, Carol appears standing in a dense wood with her gun trained on something just out of sight.

TWD Carol
Image: AMC

That’s right — I said her gun. It looks to me like Carol could be locked, loaded and ready to unload. Could it be that the second half of Season 7 will bring back the Carol of old? Oh, how we’ve missed that Carol. Shit, we’ve missed any version of Carol this season considering she’s only been in, like, two episodes.

Sure, her journey through pacifism and spiritualism (not to mention abject despair) has been interesting. It’s Carol… she could make anything interesting. And OK, we all kind of get where she was coming from with that, right?

You can’t really blame her for being in the bell jar, given the circumstances.

If Carol isn’t her old badass self yet in this teaser clip, then it appears as though that version of herself is at least trying to break through. Perhaps she’s trying to get used to the feel of a gun in her hand again. Maybe she’s out taking a little target practice.

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But since there also appears to be a gun holstered at her side, I’m all for throwing caution to the wind and feeling wildly optimistic that Negan is about to have some OG Carol all up in his biz.

What do you think? Is our beloved Carol coming back?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

The Walking Dead TV vs comic slideshow
Image: AMC

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