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VPR‘s Jax Taylor Makes a Serious Claim About James Kennedy

I’ll be the first one to tell you that Vanderpump Rules‘ James Kennedy is a terrible, awful, shitty, annoying person, and I really wish he would just leave the show and maybe planet Earth. But there is one person in this world who hates Kennedy more than I do: Jax Taylor.

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The normal thing to do when you despise someone is to avoid being around them. But like any good reality TV star, Taylor does exactly the opposite of that and basically lives to antagonize Kennedy, even though he got fired from SUR. On Monday night’s episode, that meant going with the group to a club where Kennedy was performing and instigating a fight.

After the episode, though, Taylor defended his actions on Twitter and also dropped a HUGE BOMB: He claimed that Kennedy has gotten physically violent with women. Say what?

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This is big news. On VPR, we’ve only ever seen Kennedy on the receiving end of physical violence — he’s been punched by Kristen Doute and slapped by GG. He definitely hasn’t ever hit a girl on screen, but if that’s actually a thing he does, he’s even worse than we thought.

Then again, we all know about Taylor’s famously loose interpretation of the truth, so this could all just be him making shit up again. That would be an ugly accusation to make if it weren’t true, but that’s never stopped Jax Taylor from lying before.

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