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Mariah Carey Writhes Around in Leather & Lace Atop a Car in New Video

If there were any doubt left that Mariah Carey’s new song “I Don’t” is just a big musical “fuck you” to James Packer, her new video should take care of that.

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The full video won’t drop until Friday, but Carey’s been teasing it every possible chance. First there was a clip of her recording the new song on Sunday’s episode of Mariah’s World. Then she posted a clip to her Instagram. Now she’s giving us all a sneak peek of the music video, which (obviously) features her in lots of skimpy outfits made of leather and lace. The lace one is super bridal-looking just in case anyone missed the fact that this song is about her ex-fiancé. The leather outfit barely covers her boobs. And also she’s writhing on top of a car for some reason. All that comes after she literally flips off the camera. This message is not subtle.

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The clip has already racked up almost 400,000 views on Instagram, and Carey’s followers are definitely here for it. “YOU ARE THE REAL QUEEN OF MUSIC,” one follower wrote in the comments. I probably wouldn’t go that far, and honestly I don’t dig the song at all. But still, I wish I could handle a breakup as well as Carey is.

The point is that even though the song sounds a little meh (don’t @ me), Carey looks super hot. Writhing on top of a car doesn’t make any sense and most people would probably look dumb doing it, but there’s no doubt Packer will take note. Someone is winning this breakup, and it isn’t him.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Mariah Carey boyfriends slideshow
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