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There’s a Lady Gaga & Rent Mashup and It’s as Amazing as It Sounds

During a time when we have few things to get excited about, the geniuses behind the viral #HAM4BEY video — featuring a mashup of the Hamilton musical soundtrack and the back catalog of Queen Bey — have done it again. This time, they’ve brought together the musical stylings of upcoming Super Bowl performer Lady Gaga and every ‘90s kid’s favorite musical Rent for the show’s 20th anniversary in #GAGA4RENT.

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The video was created by YouTuber Michael Korte with additional arrangements by Jared Jenkins. Featuring vocalists Jeniffer Criss, Cameron Wright, Danielle Withers, Eric Lyn, Matt Bloyd, Christine Noel and Trevon Davis.

Korte said that the response to #HAM4BEY was “humbling and wildly surprising,” but the success really put the pressure on for the follow-up.

“#HAM4BEY was always meant to be No. 1 in a series,” Korte told SheKnows.” There are many further ‘mashes’ planned, but my love for Rent catapulted this one to the front of the line! I think (perhaps) we’re also a little intimidated to take on the other giant we plan on slaying.”

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While it took months to prepare and shoot #HAM4BEY, Korte knew that the Gaga/Rent tribute would have to be put together in about one-quarter of the time.

“Myself and my partner/arranger Jared haven’t slept much since December!” Korte said. “I also fund this independently by working at a pizza restaurant. But it’s so damn worth all the sacrifice!”

So what’s next for Korte and his group of amazingly talented musicians? He’s working on the Season 3 premiere of his YouTube series City of Michael, and will soon start rehearsals for the next mashup.

“I think people will be a little shocked with what we have planned next,” Korte added.

He also said that he’d love to find a way to start performing these arrangements live.

“I’m proud to provide a spotlight to incredibly talented, good-hearted people who don’t represent everyone else that we see when we turn on the TV/movies,” Korte said. “This is how I will get through the next four years… creating, pushing boundaries, celebrating diversity and holding tight to my joy.”

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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