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Samantha Bee Finds the Silver Lining in the Immigration Fiasco

There is always a silver lining, as we were thankfully reminded during tonight’s episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Although much of this evening’s episode revolved around the pain and suffering caused by the recent ban on refugees and travel from a select group of predominantly Muslim nations (and yes, President Trump did originally refer to it as ban, although he and his cohorts have since backtracked on that language), we also got to see some of the good that has been done in the aftermath of this fiasco.

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Lawyers get a bad rap, but as Bee explained, several stepped up to the plate last weekend to help those impacted by the new immigration measures. These compassionate legal professionals offered their services free of charge, and in doing so eased at least some of the horrible burden immigrants experienced.

ACLU Samantha Bee
Image: TBS

Although Bee commended all of the lawyers who stepped up this week for their service, she highlighted one in particular: Lee Gelernt of the ACLU. In a fascinating interview with Gelernt, Bee learned of his tireless efforts to aid those impacted by the Trump administration’s controversial executive order. He also commented on the broader implications of the debacle, and his insights were very interesting, albeit a bit depressing.

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For example, when Bee commented, “It feels like they’ve overstepped so far that when they step back, they’re still way off the cliff.”

Gelernt explained that this has probably been their strategy all along. If so, it’s certainly working — people are so focused on the immigration issue, they’re not paying much attention to all of the other concerning executive measures proposed recently.

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Trump has clearly demonstrated his intention to make good on his campaign promises, and now, many people are even more frightened than they were on Nov. 9. If there’s one small source of comfort, however, it’s that there really are wonderful people in this world willing to do whatever it takes to help those in need. These are the stories that the public needs to hear, and we’re glad that Bee is doing her part.

What do you think of Lee Gelernt’s efforts as highlighted during Full Frontal with Samantha Bee? Comment and share your opinion below.

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