Ben Higgins Isn't Packing His Bags for Bachelor in Paradise Just Yet

Feb 1, 2017 at 9:23 p.m. ET
Image: Freeform

If you watched Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After, then you know there was a lot of talk about whether there would ever actually be a happily ever after for these two after they got engaged on The Bachelor.

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Well, that discussion is still ongoing, especially after Us Weekly spotted Lauren Bushnell without her ring and noted that she was traveling a lot without her man.

The outlet also noted a source told them, "They don’t get along. She’s told people recently how hard it is. He’s a great guy, but they should split."

The source added that "a breakup has been coming for awhile."

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Ben Higgins was quick to address the rumors with an Instagram post assuring fans the two were still together and still planning a life together.


That "fake news" could be the quotes from the source or it could be the allusions to Bushnell ditching her engagement ring or it could be all of the above. But it's hard not to believe Us Weekly's article, especially after Ben & Lauren. The two fought like crazy and often seemed to be on two completely separate pages about some important life decisions. Namely, their wedding.

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On a November episode of their reality show, Higgins called off the wedding from Bushnell because of the couple's issues. He still wanted to be with her, but didn't want to plan their walk down the aisle until the two had hammered out some personal details.

Since then, it seems the two haven't rescheduled a date, meaning there's a reason rumors about their relationship status are constantly popping back up.

Do you think Bushnell and Higgins will make it to married coupledom?

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