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Kourtney Kardashian Still Hasn’t Realized Scott Disick Will Never Stop Partying

In news that is surprising to absolutely no one, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are fighting again.

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I mean, really, they’ve been off and on for more than a decade, so why are we still all clicking the headlines every time they have another spat? They always fight about the same things. Let’s all say it together now: Disick is partying a whole bunch and Kardashian doesn’t dig it because she wants him to be a better dad.

Supposedly, Disick and Kardashian are back together right now, and they just wrapped up a little family vacay to Costa Rica. But two days after they landed back on the mainland, Disick reportedly headed for Miami, where he got real cozy with models (who allegedly look like Kendall Jenner, but that’s a whole other story).

“Scott hung out with a model at his hotel pool. They were affectionate. Scott kept ordering drinks for them,” an onlooker told People magazine. “He seemed to have a great time. It was only a one day thing.”

Or was it? Because that was on Sunday, and then Disick was seen back at the pool hanging with even more models on Tuesday.

“Scott is spending the day with a blonde girl,” another source told the magazine. “He is again by the pool and seems to have a good time.”

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It’s pretty much more of the same-old for Disick, who has always been down for a good time. And it’s more of the same-old for Kardashian, who’s getting fed up with it as usual, sources say.

“Kourtney hasn’t been happy with Scott for weeks. It has nothing to do with what he is doing in Miami right now,” an insider close to the couple said. “She just doesn’t like when he parties. He is an irresponsible dad when he parties.”

The source continued, “Kourtney returned to L.A. on Monday with the kids. She is not happy with Scott. She allowed him to come to Costa Rica for a couple of days so he could have fun with the kids. Scott’s behavior is again getting out of control. He is partying a lot.”

Bets on how long they’re going to stay together this time? I mean, if they actually are back together right now. Who can even keep up?

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