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Serial Creators’ New Podcast S-Town Will Leave You Feeling All the Feelings

I hope you’re sitting down because I have some amazing Serial-related news that risks knocking your socks off. There’s a new podcast, S-Town, arriving courtesy of the team behind Serial, and it’s dropping in March 2017. Well, I should clarify: All of the episodes are being released in March 2017 as well. Clear your calendar for the entire month of March, because whenever S-Town drops, it’s probably going to consume your life and leave you wrecked (that’s a good thing, my dudes).

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So what exactly is S-Town all about? Per the deliciously detailed press release, S-Town is “a nonfiction limited series set in rural Alabama and hosted by long-time This American Life producer Brian Reed.” S-Town follows Reed as he follows up on a tip received by This American Life from a man in rural Alabama who complained that the son of a wealthy local family was allegedly bragging about getting away with murder. Reed’s investigation into the case becomes the basis of S-Town, and seriously, there are so many feelings I am feeling right now. This press release has given me the shivers and a distinct tingle of excitement.

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I’m not exaggerating either. Here are some of the most likely reactions to the S-Town announcement and details about it that you yourself will be feeling. It’s OK. I’m here for you.

“There’s a new podcast from Serial?!”

Winona Reaction
Image: Giphy

Heck yes. If this is coming right from the creators of Serial, S-Town is going to be amazing.

“What does S-Town stand for?”

Oprah Thinking
Image: Giphy

Is the “S” for suspicion? Serious? Seriously suspicious? The possibilities are endless, people.

“All the episodes are being released at once!”

Napoleon Dynamite Yes
Image: Giphy

I’d better make sure I take seven to 20 vacation days to listen to and to process this amazing podcast. Maybe I’ll take a full month. I don’t know. I’m just feeling a lot of things.

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“The story began three years ago, so it’s gotta be juicy.”

Patrick Hand Rub
Image: Giphy

There’s got to be some majorly explosive material in this first season of S-Town if it’s taken three years to get off the ground, right? I can understand wanting to hold back to see if there would be an interest, but c’mon, a three-year waiting period? That’s so crazy it just might work.

“You mean to tell me someone else died while Reed was investigating the first murder?”

Ron Swanson What
Image: Giphy

That’s right, the press release dropped the massive bombshell that while Reed was investigating the murder mentioned in the initial phone tip, another person died. The release implies that the death is somehow connected to Reed’s investigation, which can only mean that S-Town is the definition of wild. What did we do to deserve all these true crime plot twists in one show?

“Ira Glass says every episode is a surprise and when has Ira Glass ever been wrong?”

Yes Kween React
Image: Giphy

Glass is quoted in the press release as saying that S-Town is truly unlike anything they’ve done at This American Life or Serial. “This story takes so many unexpected turns. Every episode is a new surprise. And the story has this feeling and mood that’s different from anything else we’ve done. I don’t think people have heard a show like this.” Why are you doing this to me, Glass?

“I’m pretty sure S-Town is going to leave me absolutely wrecked and I’m ready for it.”

Troy Community Feels
Image: Giphy

S-Town, I haven’t met you yet, but I’m already in love with you. My heart and soul are ready for you to enter my life.

Is it March yet? Because I’m now thoroughly convinced that S-Town needs to drops ASAP.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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