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Sounds Like Corinne’s Former Flame Wants Her Back Once Bachelor Wraps

Dating Corinne is sounding more and more appealing as The Bachelor weeks progress. She honestly doesn’t seem too bad, especially in the wake of that Taylor ‘tude.

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And now, Corinne’s former flame Keith Berman is speaking out and making her actions on the show seem even more understandable. Speaking to Us Weekly, Berman said the two hooked up a few times but their relationship never progressed further because they were long distance, with Corinne in Miami and Berman between Los Angeles and New York. The two ended on friendly terms, though, with Berman saying they still keep in touch.

OK, so she can’t be totally crazy if her exes are complimenting her, right?

Well, that’s not all Berman says. He practically raves about her, calling her a “superstar right now.”

He added of her presence on the show, “It’s right up her alley. She’s got a great personality for it. I was pumped that she was on it. I knew she would kill it, honestly.”

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Berman believes Corinne is playing up her antics for TV, calling her “very normal” in real life.

“They’re trying to portray her as some stupid girl, but she’s really not that dumb. She knows exactly what she’s doing,” Berman said.

Now this actually seems very plausible. There’s no way Bachelor Nation won’t demand she come back for Bachelor in Paradise and Berman agrees.

“She skipped the rose ceremony — no one’s ever done that. She’s setting herself up. Bachelor is going to invite her back for God knows what spinoff, Paradise and this and that. She’s got followers growing by the second, so she’s clearly doing something right.”

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It’s also very likely that Berman is hoping Corinne will leave the show still single since it’s clear he thinks very highly of her. With all these compliments, Corinne might just give him another look when she returns from the show.

Do you think Corinne is just acting the part of the villain for the cameras on The Bachelor?

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Jason Mesnick crying on The Bachelor
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