To Be Rob Lowe’s Assistant, You’d Better Make Sure His Jacuzzi Is Turned On

Corinne Olympios, this season’s resident villain on The Bachelor, has taken a lot of flak for being a 24-year-old who still has a nanny who makes her bed, does her laundry and makes her snacks while she’s working.

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But Corinne may have been onto something. Maybe nannies for privileged grown-ups will be the next big thing. Rob Lowe sure seems to be jumping on that train.

TMZ just published a job listing for the new assistant Lowe is looking to hire. He’s offering $70,000 a year for the gig, but it comes with a crazy list of demands to make sure his life stays as comfy as he wants it.

For one thing, the prospective hire must be able to “ensure that the client [Lowe] is fed and has coffee throughout the day,” “ensure that the client has a dinner plan if arriving home later than 8 pm in the evening” and call ahead to Lowe’s estate to alert the staff if he “wants a Jacuzzi turned on or a massage ordered for his arrival.”

Then there are some eerily vague requests, like how the new hire must “never assume anything” and lift “up to 25 pounds to support the client.”

Oh, and he or she will have to schedule a haircut for Lowe before every single one of his TV appearances. That one actually seems pretty reasonable.

Lowe may be calling this person his “assistant,” but with that list of job requirements, this is clearly his thinly veiled attempt at hiring an adult nanny. Just because the job description doesn’t explicitly mention making cheese pasta and slicing cucumbers doesn’t mean he doesn’t want those things.

Before you jump at the chance to be the former Parks and Rec star’s nanny assistant, though, Lowe’s rep actually denied that the job requirement list was legit.

This job description does not match any document pertain[ing] to employment with Rob, but we can confirm that coffee is his number one priority in life,” the rep said.

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