Robin Thicke Can See His Son Three Times a Week, but Reportedly Doesn’t

Robin Thicke is reportedly not pulling his weight when it comes to co-parenting the 6-year-old son, Julian, whom he shares with Paula Patton.

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After a judge awarded Patton temporary sole custody, Thicke was told he could have supervised visits with Julian up to three days a week. But a new report says that he only visited Julian once last week, and when given the chance for a second visit, he passed it up. In a custody battle that’s been increasingly nasty and in and out of court, the Daily Mail reports that Thicke’s decision not to spend time with Julian has sparked yet another fight between him and Patton — and all this comes just after Thicke was removed from Patton’s home by police after going there and demanding to see Julian.

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As a source close to Patton put it, “He did not exercise his right to spend time with his son and the monitor on Saturday, citing a business meeting. However, Paula offered alternate times that Julian could see Robin with the monitor that weekend, but he declined all visitation,” adding, “These are the actions of a father who claimed he wanted to spend time with his son.”

Meanwhile, a source close to Thicke says Patton is “trying to bury him.”

“This is a concerted effort to prejudice the public against him. He has taken no such campaign against her,” the insider said. “He’s taking this extremely seriously, and it’s unfortunate and very difficult when you’re on the receiving end of a campaign of negativity.”

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