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VPR‘s ‘White Kanye‘ James Kennedy Really Can’t Rap, Like, at All

OK, I’ve been a bad Vanderpump Rules fan and I did not watch last night’s episode because some horrible person in TV world scheduled it at the same time as The Bachelor and some tough decisions had to be made.

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Still, it only takes one minute and 41 seconds to watch the undisputed highlight of the night: DJ James Kennedy, aka the White Kanye (as he calls himself), aka that raging douche nugget we all wish would just go away already… rapping — yes, I said rapping — on Watch What Happens Live.

And oh, it is as bad as you think. In fact, it’s worse. Kennedy is as white as the freshly fallen snow, and he has no rhythm, and his accent is so thick it honestly just sounds like a joke, except Kennedy is not anywhere near the level of self-awareness necessary for that performance to be a joke. White Kanye he is not. Not in his wildest dreams.

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Obviously, as when something truly great happens in pop culture, the internet had a lot of feelings about Kennedy’s song.

If this was Kennedy’s attempt to win fans, it may have worked. I still think he’s the worst thing to ever happen to reality TV the world, but if he’s going to keep doing this, I, Kennedy’s biggest hater, might tolerate him sticking around on Vanderpump Rules. Might.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Vanderpump Rules one-liners slideshow
Image: Bravo

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