We Spotted 11 Nostalgic Callbacks in the New Beauty and the Beast Trailer

It’s here. A real and perfect full-length trailer for 2017’s Beauty and the Beast is now available for your viewing pleasure. There are so many wonderful things about it, I think I might cry to be perfectly honest. If you’re a fan of the 1991 Disney film (which served as the basis and impetus for this reboot), then you will be thoroughly pleased with what you see in this trailer. There are so many callbacks to the original film that it becomes pure nostalgia.

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But before you start wistfully sighing and combing your cupboards for your Beauty and the Beast VHS tape so you can rewatch, just start with the trailer. I promise it’s, like, the exact same vibe but without all the hassle of firing up your VCR.

It becomes evident pretty quickly that the 2017 reboot of the film is focused on preserving the magic of the original film while also making the world of Belle and the Beast even more vibrant, song-laden and magical than the original. Don’t believe me? Here are some moments that prove it.

1. When Belle is reading

Belle Reading
Image: Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

Belle is still a bookworm, to which I say, “Rock on, sister.”

2. When she brushes off Gaston

Gaston Belle GIF
Image: Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

It looks like Gaston is still a pompous jerk and Belle is still not falling for it. Yes, girl, you show him.

3. When Maurice gets caught by the Beast

Maurice Beast GIF
Image: Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

It looks like the latest interpretation of Maurice’s fateful meeting with his future son-in-law is just as scary as the first time we saw it in 1991.

4. When Belle meets Cogsworth and Lumière

Belle Cogsworth
Image: Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

Talk about an adorable meet cute.

5. When Chip blows a bubble for Belle

Belle Chip
Image: Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

How is it possible that Chip got even cuter in the 16 years since the Disney original?

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6. When Belle sees the enchanted rose

Belle Rose
Image: Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

The rose petal drop heard ’round the world

7. When Belle shows the Beast kindness

Belle Beast Coupling Up
Image: Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

Cue hearts melting all over the world watching this beautiful little love montage.

8. When the Beast shows her the library

Belle Library
Image: Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

The Beast’s new library looks even cooler than the original to be perfectly honest.

9. When you see a preview of “Be Our Guest”

Be Our Guest
Image: Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

This new rendition looks even more vibrant and vivacious than the original, and that’s saying something.

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10. When Belle and the Beast dance in the ballroom

Belle Beast Dancing
Image: Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

I mean, of course they left in the most iconic scene of the original film.

11. When the Beast fights Gaston on the castle roof

Beast Fighting Gaston
Image: Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

My heart can’t handle the drama of that leap onto the turret, y’all.

See? The new Beauty and the Beast is going to bring back the nostalgia of the original while definitely bringing new levels of excitement and romance to the table. Cue me swooning forever.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

beauty and the beast slideshow
Image: Lia Toby/WENN.com/Disney