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Selena Gomez Can’t Decide If She’s Instagram Official With The Weeknd

New relationships can be hard. Navigating all the rules when it comes to making your relationship Facebook/Insta/Snapchat official can be especially tough — just ask Selena Gomez.

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It’s no secret that Gomez and The Weeknd are a thing. There’s only, like, a million photos of them all over the internet, cementing in history that time they made out all over each other on a sidewalk. We know they’re dating or hooking up or whatever the kids are calling it these days, so why is Gomez still treating it like some big secret?

While she and The Weeknd are off in Italy on some big romantic getaway (because they’re totally together and the whole world already knows that), Gomez briefly made their relationship Insta-official by posting a video of The Weeknd captioned with a heart eyes emoji, but then, a few hours later, deleted it with no explanation why. Did The Weeknd not like the video she took? Is she trying to smooth things over with Bella Hadid after very publicly hooking up with her ex-boyfriend? Were her fans pissed off that she’s dating someone who isn’t Justin Bieber like they get every time she dates anyone who’s not Justin Bieber? Did they break up already mid-vacay? Because girl, I’ve been there and deleting an Instagram post is a much more measured reaction than I had.

It’s probably safe to assume they haven’t already called things off because their social media is still full of glamorous shots of their Italian getaway — just without any pics of each other. Power to them if that’s how they want to play things. Really, though, do they think they’re fooling anyone?

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