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At Least Matt Lauer Is Nice to Someone

Once, in college, I had a really horrific breakup. I texted my bestie, who worked as a cocktail waitress at a margarita bar a few blocks from my house (yes, that was the best arrangement ever and I miss those days), and she responded with just one perfect word: “Come.”

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So I went. As soon as I walked through the bar’s door, she was at my side with a tray full of shots, and no well shit, either. As a heartbroken college student, I got drunk that night on tequila that I can’t even afford now, as a full-fledged adult with a real career (and by that, I mean Hornitos, because come on, writing isn’t exactly lucrative).

Now, my BFF was really great, having a girl’s back like that. But she was no Matt Lauer, because he greets his friends at bars with free drinks, no heartbreak necessary (just kidding, Amy, you’re amazing!).

According to Page Six, Lauer was at a restaurant in Manhattan with a whole bunch of his buds from the Today show, including Al Roker and NBC News correspondent Keir Simmons, when Katie Couric walked in the door. And Lauer, being the amazing friend he apparently is, “jumped up from his seat and ran to the bar. He picked up two glasses of wine and brought them over to Katie’s table… He pretended to be their waiter. It was hysterical.”

This whole story is made even better by the fact that Lauer is rumored to be a giant jerk. He has a reputation for stepping on others to advance his career, like Ann Curry, who, according to rumors, got axed from Today because Lauer didn’t like her and didn’t put any effort into making it work out when they were briefly co-anchors in 2012. There’s also the issue of Lauer’s humility; NBC has confirmed that it gave Lauer his own helicopter after he demanded one to make trips between New York City and the Hamptons. The helicopter was supposedly so Lauer could see his family more often, even after his wife filed for divorce amid claims that he was controlling and abusive. Yikes.

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Apparently, though, Lauer is perfectly nice… if you’re Katie Couric.

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