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Riverdale Gave the Archie Characters One Hell of a Makeover

After much hype, but not so many big expectations, the Archie Comics reimagining Riverdale has arrived at The CW. And I have to admit, I kinda loved it.

The blend of dark comedy and comic bookey lines reimagined was like watching Heathers meets Vampire Diaries, minus the vampires with a Twitter upgrade.

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Here’s how the show has reimagined your favorite comic book characters of old into something a new generation is sure to appreciate.

Comic book Archie

Archie Comics
Image: Archie Comics

Traditionally, Archie has a few things on the brain: girls, milkshakes and more girls. He was known as “America’s Typical Teenager” back when the comics were first published in 1941. Archie did have a love triangle between Betty and Veronica, and he notoriously left both girls hanging, but that didn’t stop audiences from falling in love with his hero-like qualities and his ever-thoughtful personality.

Riverdale Archie

Riverdale's Archie
Image: The CW

After spending the summer working for his dad’s construction company, Archie is hot, but his abs also come with some new dirty, dark secrets he’s hiding. Secrets like, oh, I don’t know… he slept with his teacher. And while they were sleeping together, they heard a gunshot they never reported. Somehow in the wake of that, the fact that this Archie likes writing songs doesn’t really seem like a secret anyone should care about. No wonder his dad brushed it off so quickly.

Comic book Betty

Archie Comic's Betty
Image: Archie Comics

Betty is the traditional Riverdale queen bee. She is smart, likable and has an intelligence that leaves her with a desire to become a writer. She is referred to as “Riverdale’s Sweetheart,” and everyone can see her affection for Archie.

Riverdale Betty

Riverdale's Betty
Image: The CW

While the Betty of Riverdale seems to be well liked among her classmates, her reserved attitude and troubled family life keep her from shining to her full potential. Luckily, new student Veronica has arrived to push her in the right direction. But even with Veronica’s encouragement, Betty just couldn’t get Archie’s attention in the premiere. Also, apparently Archie isn’t the only one who transformed over the summer. The girls allude to Betty’s weight loss a few times throughout the show.

Comic book Veronica

Archie Comic's Veronica
Image: Archie Comics

Veronica is the free-spirited fashionista of the comics. Despite Veronica’s expensive taste, she has a thing for slightly-awkward-but-adorable Archie. She is the heiress to her family fortune and is already working on spending it.

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Riverdale Veronica

Riverdale's Veronica
Image: The CW

The Veronica of Riverdale is less focused on material things, thank goodness. Like everyone seems to in Riverdale, her family has a dark past stemming from her father’s involvement in fraud, which is why she and her mother moved from New York. The once popular queen bee, Veronica’s family troubles have caused her to reevaluate her attitude and life, and she is quickly taken with Betty. In the pilot alone, their friendship has the power to cause more ‘ships than anything having to do with Archie.

Comic book Jughead

Archie Comic's Jughead
Image: Archie Comics

Comic book Jughead is Archie’s best friend, known for his headwear and his appetite. Though Jughead is surprisingly intellectual, his easygoing nature hides his true brainpower. Not to mention, when he takes off his hat, bad things have a tendency to happen.

Riverdale Jughead

Riverdale's Jughead
Image: The CW

The Jughead of Riverdale seems like a bit of a loner. Though he and Archie apparently used to be friends, they now seem distanced and removed from one another’s lives. Jughead is the show’s narrator, which makes sense because he’s the budding novelist of the series. Something tells me we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in coming episodes.

Comic book Josie

Archie Comics' Josie
Image: Archie Comics

Josie is known in the comics as being the female version of Archie, but her character really took on a life of her own throughout the series, eventually even getting her own live-action movie. Josie is a rocker girl, who can be a little space-heady but always means well.

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Riverdale Josie

Riverdale's Josie
Image: The CW

The Josie of Riverdale is bringing the spunk and attitude. She clearly wants nothing to do with Archie and just wants to focus on her tunes. Her voice is great for the classics, but I have a feeling she’ll be rocking to her own beats throughout the season as well.

Which Riverdale character is your favorite so far?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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