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Gwen Stefani Could Pull a Reverse Taylor Swift Any Time Now

Pop and country have been blending for a while now, so the idea that Gwen Stefani is crossing into the country world for the sake of Blake Shelton really just means that there is more sweet, sweet music a comin’ thanks to their love. And that’s a beautiful thing. Not to mention, if Taylor Swift can ditch country music for pop, then Stefani can make whatever kind of music she wants.

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Plus, Stefani has Luke Bryan’s seal of approval, which means you know she is good to go.

“I think Gwen enjoys learning a little bit more about us country people!” Bryan said in an interview with People after Stefani took the stage during Bryan’s Crash My Playa music fiesta this past weekend.

He added, “But she totally fits in and has a blast.”

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Of course she does. Can you really see Stefani as an awkward wallflower? This is the girl who rocked out with No Doubt before it was a thing girls really did. If the pop music industry couldn’t make her run for the hills, charming a few little ol’ country boys and girls is a piece of cake.

It is also very, very possible that Stefani will pull a reverse Dolly Parton on all of us and become a bigger country star than even Shelton. She would crush a pair of cowboy boots.

At this point, there is no question Stefani has some country in her heart. She and Shelton have been dating for over a year now. The question now is whether Stefani will give country a permanent place in her voice.

Do you think Gwen Stefani should switch up her genre to country music?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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