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Supernatural’s Mary Better Avoid the British Men of Letters at All Costs

Ever since Lady Toni Bevell first appeared at the end of Supernatural Season 11, fans knew the British Men of Letters would be up to no good. Throughout Season 12 but especially during Thursday’s winter premiere, the Men of Letters have continued to prove just that.

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First, allow us to reassure viewers that Sam and Dean are now safe and sound. They managed to escape the grasp of the Secret Service after being wrongfully accused of attempting to assassinate the president of the United States.

How the heck did they do it? Oh, you know, by making a deal with Billie the reaper. While locked up, both Sam and Dean realized that they would end up going crazy if they didn’t find a way out. Dean even told Mary and Cas that being locked in a cell with no windows and zero communication (yes, even with Sam) was worse than being in hell. Well, that would be pretty bad, wouldn’t it?

So, Dean called out to Billie, and the Winchesters made a deal with her. They realized that they would only get out of that place if they weren’t breathing. Billie would allow them to die and then come back one more time. However, in exchange for resurrecting them (which she was strongly against), Billie would end up taking one of the Winchesters at midnight.

Eventually, Billie showed up, but before Sam or Dean could offer himself up, Mary came forward. She is a Winchester, which Billie was going to accept with welcome arms. As Mary held a gun to her head and said “I love you” to her boys, Castiel jabbed an angel blade right through Billie.

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This deal Sam and Dean made was a blood pact, and Billie said that if it was broken, it would have “consequences on a cosmic scale.” Who knows if Cas killing her truly breaks the deal, but at least all three Winchesters are still alive and kicking. Like fans, Cas can’t live without any of them. As he said in a heartfelt and emotional speech, “This sad, doomed little world, it needs you. It needs every last Winchester it can get.” Damn straight.

So all is good, right? Unfortunately not, because at the episode’s end, Mary was shown contemplating working with Mick from the British Men of Letters.

Granted, Mick and Mr. Ketch helped Mary and Cas find Sam and Dean, but they take hunting to a whole new level. Let’s just say that after Sam and Dean escaped the government agents and soldiers, Mr. Ketch went back and murdered them all. Obviously, that keeps things nice and tidy.

Sam and Dean would never do that, so to hear that Mary is at least willing to listen to Mick’s proposal of why the British Men of Letters are worthy hunters gives us such a bad feeling. She needs to avoid them at all costs. She doesn’t know of Mr. Ketch’s bloody ways, but Mary better realize fast that the Men of Letters are not good people.

Here’s hoping this is just Mary’s way of infiltrating the London chapter of the Men of Letters to get more information and to keep tabs on them. That’s the Mary Winchester we know and love. If not, keep those fingers crossed that Mary does not fall for Mick’s persuasive speech.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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