VPR's Jax Taylor Has So Many Questions About Scientology

Jan 26, 2017 at 4:10 p.m. ET
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2017: The year we all learned that — wait for it — Jax Taylor watches documentaries. Yes, that Jax Taylor, the lovable but not-so-bright bartender on Vanderpump Rules. Watches documentaries. In his free time. I'm as surprised as you are, really.

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And after all the learnin' he's been doing in front of the TV, Taylor wants to lend his fame to helping out another celeb: Leah Remini. After watching her A&E docuseries, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, Taylor decided he wanted to do something to help the actress in her fight against her former church.

"Any documentary-type show I love watching, so I just watched it," he said (yeah, still, not sure if I believe him but 'K). "I was actually in Florida over Christmas and my mom and I were just watching this marathon and were like, 'Oh my God, this is happening down the street from your house.' It was all being taped in Clearwater, and my parents live in Clearwater, so oh my God. It was just so interesting, the things that these people do."

Taylor has never been a Scientologist, but he has been inside one of their centers, and it left him with a lot more questions than answers.

"It was just a modeling job. And it just seemed like a very weird place," he said. "There’s all these people walking around with keys. And they’re always in these outfits. And they’re always walking somewhere. Where are you guys going? What are you guys doing? There’s all these secret doors everywhere. What’s going on?"

After watching the show, Taylor tweeted at Remini asking if he could help her take the church down.

"Like the old days when I was a kid watching tv on the floor with pillows love my hero @LeahRemini I want to help!! #ScientologyTheAftermath," he wrote.

Jax Taylor and Leah Remini teaming up like some sort of crime-fighting duo to answer all of Jax's questions about Scientology? Now that's a show I would watch. Are you listening, A&E?

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