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Christina El Moussa Reportedly Thinks Tarek Is an ‘Absolute Pig’

Maybe common sense could have told us it’s a bad idea to keep filming a reality TV series with your spouse when you’re actively in the process of getting divorced. Nevertheless, Christina and Tarek El Moussa are giving it a shot, filming their happy, family-centric HGTV show Flip or Flop and apparently torturing each other on set any time they aren’t required to be pointing happy everything-is-fine-really-I-swear faces at the cameras.

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The mood differs day to day, but Christina avoids Tarek,” a source claimed, but wait! There’s more!

The source continued, “He does things to piss her off, like bragging loudly about sleeping with girls.”

According to that source and many, many rumors all over the internet, Tarek has been exclusively dating 20-something women. First it was the family’s former nanny. Now, allegedly, it’s the nanny’s friend.

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Obviously, Christina wasn’t down with her still-husband and indefinite co-worker bangin’ the help.

“She thinks Tarek is an absolute pig,” the source said. Um, duh.

This part’s new, though: Apparently, Tarek was having an affair with the nanny all the way back before he and Christina split up last summer. This source (whose information is getting more dubious by the minute, though, TBH) claims that the nanny attended a party on Tarek’s yacht last summer, and he hired her so he could get an in. By September, he had left his wife and fired the nanny so he could date her, bought her all kinds of expensive presents like a new Jeep, and then dumped her for her friend.

This just confirms it, folks: HGTV is the new Bravo. Tarek El Moussa is like a way less likeable Jax Taylor, except Vanderpump Rules exists for drama and Flip or Flop exists to try to convince us that happy families can rehab houses together for a living, so if I had to put money on it, I’d say Flip or Flop‘s days featuring both the El Moussa’s are definitely numbered.

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