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Ultimate woke bae Shia LaBeouf was arrested during anti-Trump protest

Polarizing opinion time! Shia LaBeouf has always been the kind of genius that people just don’t understand, and anyone who thinks otherwise can fight me.

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Proving he’s the ultimate woke bae right now, LaBeouf has an ongoing art project right now in protest of President Donald Trump — and it’s going to be running for all four years of the Cheeto-in-Chief’s term. It’s a camera set up outside the Museum of the Moving Image, and people are encouraged to stand in front of it and chant “He will not divide us” into the camera, which is continuously live-streaming online. Come on, you know you love this idea.

It started on Inauguration Day, so here we are, six days in, and, uh… LaBeouf got arrested. Police told reporters that he assaulted another protester at his own protest art project, even though the man he assaulted was also anti-Trump. The police report says that LaBeouf “pulled his scarf, scratched his face, and then punched him.” LaBeouf was arrested around 1:30 a.m. this morning, and since everything was being live-streamed, yes there’s video of him being taken into police custody.

He was charged with misdemeanor assault and released in time to be back in front of the camera before noon.

Listen, LaBeouf can’t help it if others just don’t understand him. And, honestly, that guy was lucky he encountered LaBeouf at a crowded protest and not while he was lost in the woods with a dead cellphone, because we all know how that ends.

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