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Full Frontal with Samantha Bee had the perfect tribute to Mary Tyler Moore

Today was a sad day for feminists everywhere. Still reeling from President Trump’s latest anti-choice measures, feminists were saddened to hear of Mary Tyler Moore’s death. It wasn’t entirely unexpected, given the health issues Moore has battled these last several years, but that didn’t make the news any less devastating.

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A true icon, Moore paved the way for legions of career-minded women with her relatable character, Mary Richards. Her character was the determined single woman other women hoped to be, and her newsroom antics encouraged aspiring members of the workforce to believe they “might just make it after all.”

Samantha Bee and her cohorts were clearly saddened by Moore’s death, so they decided to include a tribute to the iconic actress in an episode of Full Frontal already packed with feminist messages. The tribute followed an a cappella number featuring several talented women wearing the memorable pink hats from last week’s Women’s March on Washington.

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Surrounded by talented singers, Bee thanked Moore and referred to her as “the reason a little Sam Bee ever thought [she] could do this.” The ladies then removed their bright pink hats and threw them in the air, much as Moore so famously did during her show’s memorable opener.

Although she played a fictional associate producer rather than appearing on the news herself, Moore arguably paved the way for such influential figures as Samantha Bee. She inspired many women who previously assumed that there just wasn’t a place for them in the newsroom. Yes, it’s worth noting that she eventually became an avowed conservative and was skeptical of the feminist movement, but her previous encouragement of women in the workforce cannot be forgotten.

Samantha Bee
Image: TBS

Full Frontal‘s brief tribute to Mary Tyler Moore reminded us how far we’ve come since Moore first made a name for herself as Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show. The episode as a whole, however, was a reminder of how much further we have to go. But with inspiring women such as Bee leading the charge — and paying homage to those who came before — the future is bright for women in America.

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What did you think of Full Frontal‘s Mary Tyler Moore tribute? Comment and share your opinion below.

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