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If the White House gets ‘boring,’ Kellyanne Conway could join Real Housewives

You know your country’s political system is falling in the toilet when Andy Cohen compares it to Real Housewives and instead of scoffing or even laughing, the thought that crosses your mind is, Huh, yeah; that kind of makes sense.

I don’t know whether to laugh or crawl under my bed and hide for the next four years.

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While Donald Trump has gone from reality TV to president, Kellyanne Conway can look forward to a long and illustrious career on the Real Housewives if she ever wants to retire from her senior adviser position.

Cohen gave Conway an open invitation to join the Bravo franchise if she ever chooses to give up politics. Does this mean the Real Housewives of D.C. might be coming back strong?

“I’ve been saying for a year — I was calling all the debates ‘Housewives reunions,’ because they were,” Cohen said. “The parallels to the Housewives and a lot of things that happened during the election, there are so many.”

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Conway would make the perfect Housewife. In fact, she’d put some of these Housewives to shame with her behavior. After all, Conway did punch a guy in the face, and she did suggest that mom’s have no place in the White House. She’s very outspoken about her opinions, even when knowledgeable people are presenting her with clear evidence of facts suggesting the opposite.

Yup, sounds like a Housewife to me.

The sad reality is… She’s not. Not yet, at least.

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