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Jack’s death is coming on This Is Us whether we can handle it or not

As if last night’s episode of This Is Us weren’t heart-wrenching enough, the second half of the season is apparently only going to get more emotional.

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Show creator Dan Fogelman dished on what’s next in the show during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“I’ve always known when Jack died,” Fogelman revealed. “The how is going to take much longer to reveal. To me, even when you’re watching the pilot, long before you knew Jack may not be in the picture in the present day, this family always felt loving and good but broken. There’s still — and there’s going to be for some time — a lot of unanswered questions. What was going on in their marriage whenever this happened? How did it happen? Those questions aren’t going to be answered for some time. It’s something that, like many of the great tragedies in our lives, might not be talked about all the time or easy to talk about.”

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During last night’s episode, while getting a glimpse at the triplets’ birthday, we not only saw a flashback to Jack’s death day when the triplets were high school-looking teenagers, but the show brought us to back to the present as Kate screamed out her heavy emotions during a workout class.

How much more can my fragile heart take?!

Apparently, this show is going to test those limits.

“It’s certainly going to take the rest of our season for her to even be opened up enough to really talk about it, and it’s going to take even longer for the audience to get the story of what happened in full,” Fogelman added. “I think you get the sense, watching the episode and watching the show that, listen, something happened. And it’s something that broke this family apart, not irreparably. They all love each other. The Big Three is amazing together. But there’s stuff here, and I think a lot of it is held with Jack.”

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I wasn’t particularly afraid about the circumstances surrounding Jack’s death. Until now. So thanks for that, Mr. Fogelman. I guess I assumed he got cancer (or something of that nature) and died that way, but now I’m wondering if he committed suicide, especially because Fogelman alludes to what was happening in Jack and Rebecca’s marriage at the time of his death.

How do you think Jack died?

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