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Sneaky, Sneaky Madonna Just Adopted Twins From Malawi

Update, Feb. 7, 2017, 8 a.m. PT: Apparently, Madonna really wanted to keep her adoption a secret.

Despite denying that she had any plans to adopt more children from Malawi, Daily Mail reports that the country’s high court approved an adoption petition for her and she is now the mom of twin girls.

Madonna has already adopted Lourdes and Rocco, both 11, from Malawi. The site reports that her new twins’ names are Stella and Esther.

Original story:

Despite the rumors, Madonna is not about to become a mom again.

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A government spokesperson in Malawi told reporters that Madonna appeared in the African country’s high court, a final step in her attempt to adopt two children. Now, she’s speaking out and blasting the rumors, saying she is in Malawi, but only to check in on her charity there.

“I am in Malawi to check on the children’s hospital in Blantyre and my other work with Raising Malawi and then heading home,” she said. “The rumors of an adoption process are untrue.”

Madonna has already adopted two children from Malawi, David Banda in 2006 and Mercy James in 2009. Both are now 11 years old.

Madonna has been active in Malawi, donating money and doing charity work. She’s also spoken publicly about her decision to adopt her kids from the country.

“I decided that I had an embarrassment of riches and that there were too many children in the world without parents or families to love them,” she wrote in an essay published in Harper’s Bazaar in 2013. “I applied to an international adoption agency and went through all the bureaucracy, testing, and waiting that everyone else goes through when they adopt.”

She also addressed being criticized for her actions as a pop star.

“I was accused of kidnapping, child trafficking, using my celebrity muscle to jump ahead in the line, bribing government officials, witchcraft, you name it,” she wrote. “I could get my head around people giving me a hard time for… publishing my Sex book, even kissing Britney Spears at an awards show, but trying to save a child’s life was not something I thought I would be punished for.”

In addition to her adoptive kids, Madonna has two other children, Lourdes and Rocco, from previous relationships. Rocco just moved to London to live with his father, Guy Richie, after Madonna lost a long and bitter custody battle.

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