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Jane Fonda splits from her longtime lover Richard Perry

Jane Fonda and Richard Perry have gone their separate ways after eight years together, which means they’re the second big celebrity split in 2017 so far, and we’re not even through January. (Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife Sara Kapfer were the first.) At this rate, the celebrity fallout of 2017 might be just as dismal as 2016.

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Perry confirmed the end of the relationship to Page Six, “That’s true. We’re still very close.”

Though the couple never married, they lived together in a $13 million Beverly Hills home, which People reports recently went on the market. Perry added to Page Six that he was planning to move to another home.

They may never have married, but that doesn’t mean Fonda didn’t find something deep in Perry.

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Fonda described her relationship with Perry in a 2012 interview with U.K. newspaper The Sun, explaining, “The only thing I have never known is true intimacy with a man. I absolutely wanted to discover that before dying. It has happened with Richard. I feel totally secure.”

So what, then, did this relationship have that Fonda’s previous three marriages did not? Well if The Sun had anything to say about it, it was Fonda’s “rampant” sex life with Perry. These two 70-somethings were still kickin’ it like kids.

Fonda hasn’t addressed the news that she split from Perry as of yet, but she did strut her stuff at the Women’s March last weekend with a smile on her face, suggesting that Perry meant what he said about the two remaining close. Either that or she’s taking the fake-it-’til-you-make-it approach. Hopefully, it’s the former.

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