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A text conversation between The Bachelor‘s Corinne and her nanny Raquel

Once upon a Bachelor night, the ladies were all cozied in their beds while visions of Nick Viall danced in their heads. When up in Corinne’s room, the house awoke to a groan — the Taylor ‘tude had sprung to life, and stolen Corinne’s phone! She scrolled through the texts to find inappropriate sexts, when suddenly she let out a yell, “I’ve got her messages to Raquel!”

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OK, OK, obviously Corinne didn’t actually sneak her phone in (that we know of), Taylor didn’t steal it and we made all this up. But you can still totally see this happening though, right? Life hasn’t been easy for Corinne while vying for Viall’s heart, and while some are trying to “free” Raquel from Corinne’s tyranny, we think she should just make a visit to The Bachelor house.

New petition, anyone?

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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