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We can’t blame Ewan McGregor for giving Piers Morgan’s TV show the swerve

There are some celebrities we can count on to fight the good fight, and Ewan McGregor is one of them. The actor — who reprised his role as Mark Renton in the new release T2 Trainspotting — was due to appear on U.K. morning news show Good Morning Britain until he realized Piers Morgan was one of the hosts.

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McGregor was completely transparent about his reasons for swerving the loudmouthed TV personality, tweeting, “Was going on Good Morning Britain, didn’t realise @piersmorgan was host. Won’t go on with him after his comments about #WomensMarch.”

True to form, Morgan had delivered a scathing account of Madonna’s anti-Trump speech during the Women’s March protest. The star told a crowd of more than half a million that she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” — a comment that prompted Morgan to label her a “bitter, cynical Vinegar Girl.”

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Many people will agree with Morgan that Madonna’s comment was uncalled for and didn’t further the cause, which saw millions of women, men and children all over the world come out in peaceful protest against President Trump. But his takedown wasn’t restricted to Madonna. He helpfully gave his readers his personal definition of feminism: “striving to be so good at what you do that your gender is irrelevant, then making sure you are rewarded in the same way as a man.”

Hmm. So after centuries of gender inequality, Morgan has decided that women simply aren’t as good at what they do as men. This comes from a man who assures us that, despite everything he says and writes on the subject, he is a feminist.

Some people have expressed disappointment that McGregor didn’t take the chance to call Morgan out on his comments, but really, what’s the point when you’re dealing with someone who calls women “feminazis” and tweets stuff like this?

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