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Constance Wu is going in on the Oscars for nominating Casey Affleck

So, here’s something that may come as a surprise because apparently when it happened news outlets mostly just ignored it: Brand-new Oscar nominee Casey Affleck has been accused of doing some really bad shit to women.

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In 2010, when Affleck was filming I’m Still Here, the film’s cinematographer, Magdalena Górka, claimed that he climbed into bed with her uninvited, constantly tried to talk her into having sex with one of her camera assistants and just generally made the set a terrible place for her to be because of his weird obsessions with her love life. Amanda White, one of the film’s producers, echoed Górka’s complaints, saying Affleck sexually harassed her as well and even grabbed her after she refused to stay the night in his hotel room.

Here’s the big kicker, though: Both women sued Affleck and he settled with them out of court, and still this is a thing that isn’t common knowledge.

Now that Affleck has been nominated for an Oscar for his role in Manchester by the Sea, though, actress Constance Wu is going in on the Academy for honoring Affleck despite his reputation for treating women like shit on set. In a tweetstorm that, honestly, is perfectly justified, Wu is calling out all of Hollywood for doing a really crappy job of taking care of women who get abused regularly behind the scenes.

Even after she was told to shut up because her tweets might affect her career, Wu did not give up, and good for her because fuck anyone who tries to keep a woman quiet about sexual assault.

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