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The Bachelor‘s Corinne actually had a point about that Taylor ‘tude

The impossible might happen on The Bachelor: Corinne might become likable. And not in a “we love to hate on her” kind of way, but actually likable.

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Her path to likability all started tonight when she was upfront with the other girls. Rather than letting them go about talking behind her back, she called it out. Sure, it didn’t go so well, and sure, she still couldn’t help but talk about her multimillion-dollar company and her nanny before insisting she isn’t privileged, but it’s a start.

Then she put on her happy face and pranced around with Nick, who seemed to have found a renewed skepticism of Corinne, for a while. Even Corinne noted the lack of intimacy between them, which has me thinking her time on the show is limited at best.

Still, Corinne did the honorable thing again when she went out of her way to talk to Taylor at the group date rather than call her out in front of the other girls.

The Bachelor's Corinne and Taylor
Image: ABC

And Corinne was right.

I know, I’ll repeat that.

Corinne was right.

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Taylor was throwing Corinne unnecessary attitude. It’s something I will be referring to from here on out as Taylor ‘tude, mostly because it just sounds as hilarious as all of these dramatic situations really are.

So while Taylor was throwing her Taylor ‘tude in Corinne’s face, trying to school her on some big girl words, Corinne was trying to maintain her composure while venting to the cameras.

But let’s just take a step back for a moment. Taylor is worried about Corinne’s emotional maturity and readiness to be a wife. Mind you, Corinne is 24, arguably not at the place in her life to be clawing for a husband on national television. But Taylor is 23. She is younger than Corinne. Um, hypocritical much?

Taylor needs to check the ‘tude because she really has no place to be talking about emotional maturity, especially not with that Taylor ‘tude she was wearing all over that cocktail party.

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If it comes down to a two-on-one between Taylor and Corinne on next week’s episode, I have to admit, I’ll be rooting for Corinne to get that rose.

The Bachelor's Corinne
Image: ABC

Are you Team Taylor ‘tude or Team Corinne on The Bachelor?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Bachelor Season 21 contestants slideshow
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