These Black Mirror episodes are too real under a Trump presidency

The next four years will be long, and even the most seasoned political experts seem pretty confounded about what they might bring. Luckily, we can let our imaginations rest for a moment because we have the Netflix series Black Mirror to provide several different dystopian visions of the future to choose from.

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So, which of the Black Mirror episodes might our next four years resemble? Let’s see.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t yet watched Black Mirror, be aware this article may give away some of the twists and turns in the episodes discussed. You’ve been warned!

“White Bear”

First of all, this episode was goddamn terrifying. Each of the 48 minutes felt like it had literally been pulled from one of my worst nightmares.

Unfortunately, a future in which criminals are punished by being imprisoned in a “justice park” to entertain audiences really doesn’t seem too far off for a reality TV host-turned-president who promises to be tough on crime. I mean, really, why not combine them both? Think of the ratings!

The only problem Trump would have with this is that Netflix thought of it first.

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“The Waldo Moment”

After seeing a failed businessman and former reality TV star run for president and win, is it such a stretch to imagine we’d see a foul-mouthed cartoon bear next? Just remember, we laughed at Trump too.

I’m legitimately terrified to see who pops up in the 2020 campaign. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope for Michelle, yes?

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“15 Million Merits”

The only issue with this episode is that the idea of humans being harnessed to produce electricity seems a little too green for this administration. Otherwise, the latent misogyny, the focus on online spending and reducing human lives to mere merits seem about right.

Also, this episode made me so very, very depressed.

Abi’s song does do a little to ease the heartbreak, but you’ll need a shower after this one for sure. A shower and a solemn vow to never let your life dwindle to a never-ending loop of work and TV shows.


Each year, social media plays an ever-larger role in our lives, our health and even our politics. It isn’t much of a stretch to think that once our online personas merge with our real selves, likes will mean a whole lot more to us than a pleasant ego boost.

In a rare occurrence for Black Mirror, the episode ends on a good note. Sort of.

I mean, yes Lacie finds herself in jail, dirty and friendless after becoming a social pariah. But she’s also freer than she’s ever been. She’s found emancipation in the most unlikely of places. She finds her voice with a powerful shout of “Fuuuuuuck youuuu!”

“The National Anthem”

People dislike Donald Trump to the extent that imagining cyber terrorists manipulating him with the threat of extreme violence into sodomizing a pig doesn’t really sound too far-fetched. Of course, what does sound far-fetched is a Trump who would forsake himself for the sake of the people. He really seems to think that highly of himself.

“Men Against Fire”

They say war makes great presidents, which means Trump probably won’t have any problem putting our military spending to good use in the next four years. Add that to your list of things to look forward to during his presidency. But it could get worse if this Black Mirror episode proves to have any hint of truth. You see, there’s a lot of psychology behind warfare, and once you become a soldier, all bets are off about how the government can use you as a weapon. And if you are a weapon, then of course the United States government wants you to be as accurate as possible. Can’t have those pesky emotions and morals getting in the way, now can we?

“Hated in the Nation”

There’s a reason that the episode titled “Hated in the Nation” is about a journalist. Trump has made it his mission to alienate the media, which means maybe I should think about a new profession. More than focusing on journalism as a profession, however, “Hated in the Nation” looks at online shaming and its potential future consequences.

Even if none of these dystopian futures become our reality, I think that yell-swearing one is something that many of us will be doing a lot of during the next four years.

Can you think of other Black Mirror episodes that could be predicting the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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