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This video of Pippa & Kate Middleton as bridesmaids is as ’90s as it gets

The ’90s are the undisputed best years in history. That legendary decade gave us boy bands, Britney Spears, Furbies and Giga Pets, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and “the Rachel” haircut. Boomers and Gen X will try to argue that the ’60s or the ’70s or the ’80s were where it was at, but we all know the truth: Nothing compares to the ’90s.

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Even the worst thing about the ’90s was awesome. Everyone can agree that the fashion during that great decade was objectively terrible, but it was ’90s terrible, which was totally fine compared to today’s terrible, which is things like bees being endangered and Donald Trump.

Case in point: Kate and Pippa Middleton. The Daily Mail has somehow managed to find some previously unseen footage of the royal sisters as bridesmaids in the most ’90s wedding of all time. Like, so ’90s, they look like they’re going to be engulfed by the pure volume of their puffy sleeves. It’s magic.

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The wedding was for their aunt and uncle, Miranda Foote and Gary Goldsmith, in 1991. Kate and Pippa were 9 and 7 years old at the time, respectively, and they rocked those dresses right along with their giant flower crowns decades before Snapchat would make them cool again.

The ’90s were such a happier, simpler time, even though sleeves may have used as much fabric as entire garments do today. Still, we’d wear the Middleton sisters’ hideous bridesmaid dresses any day if it meant we got to relive that perfect decade.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton BFFs
Image: GossipsRTNews

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