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Celebs school Donald Trump on his Women’s March response

Despite all of the voices that rallied together yesterday for the Women’s March, Donald Trump still managed to wallow in his ignorance.

Let’s back up a few steps here. First of all, suggesting that protesters didn’t vote is downright insulting. Second, suggesting that the feelings of being degraded as a woman were only fueled by celebrities is also dismissing a clear and resounding sentiment expressed by the march yesterday.

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Celebrities may have helped to rally the forces behind the march, but only because their cries for equality resonated with millions and millions of people.

Also, Trump needs to remember, as Alyssa Milano quickly pointed out, that he himself is a celebrity first and foremost.

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Milano wasn’t the only one to demand a better response from the newly inaugurated president.

Even the New York Times seemed to subtly chime in.

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In Trump’s defense, kind of, he did also share a tweet saying that, while he may not support the cause behind the march (women’s rights?), he does support our constitutional right to peaceful protest.

Do you think Donald Trump owes the public a more meaningful response to the Women’s March?

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