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Tiffany Trump brought her boyfriend to the inauguration, but who is he?

Obviously, all of the Trump family is at the president-elect’s inauguration today, even the daughter who is clearly his second favorite — the one he almost never talks about and doesn’t give any money to: Tiffany Trump. And considering how small a part the Donald seems to play in Tiffany’s life, it’s pretty surprising that she brought a guest to the inauguration: her boyfriend, Ross Mechanic (yes, that’s his real name).

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There are a lot of reasons Mechanic probably shouldn’t be at the inauguration. But there he is, so we’re going to figure out everything we can about him…

1. He’s a registered Democrat

Seriously. What is this guy even doing at Trump’s inauguration? Public records show he’s been a registered Democrat since 2012. His parents have been registered Democrats since the ’80s. Do they know who he’s dating? Are they OK with it? So many questions.

2. He and Tiffany have been dating for a while

Photos of Tiffany and Mechanic together first popped up on Instagram in October 2015, when they were both attending the University of Pennsylvania. Since then, they’ve posted photos together from holidays, events and vacations.

3. His family is hella rich too

Mechanic probably doesn’t have any problem fitting in with the über-rich Trumps. A look at his Instagram shows that he lives an extravagant lifestyle and travels all over the world. His father is the lawyer leading the real estate department as a partner at law firm Fried Frank, so it’s not exactly surprising that the family’s loaded.

4. He’s totally using the Trump family for connections

Mechanic interned last summer at Cadre, a real estate investment startup founded by Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner.

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5. His résumé is impressive, I guess, but *yawn*

Mechanic is totally a boring rich white dude. He went to a fancy private school in New York City that’s taught a whole bunch of celebrities and rich people. His LinkedIn says he was a National AP Scholar, National Merit Finalist, president of the debate team and a mock trial lawyer at his high school. He’s studying computer science and has interned at a couple of startups founded by rich people. He got a 2270 on his SATs, which is pretty high, but not, like, perfect. He’s totally one of those boring rich white dudes who will go into some kind of business and be successful enough to stay boring and rich forever. All he needs is a Tinder pic posing with a tiger to be one of those guys that you kind of think about swiping right on just for the money and vacays, even though deep down you know he wears obnoxiously expensive loafers with shorts and that demands a left swipe.

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