Long before Kim Kardashian was Kim Kardashian West, she dated Nick Cannon

A decade ago, Kim Kardashian West (long before the “West” was added to her name) and Nick Cannon dated, and on Thursday, Jan. 19, Cannon decided to remind us all of that fact.

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Taking to Instagram, Cannon shared a throwback photo of himself, Kardashian West, Lil’ Kim and Paris Hilton, which he chose to caption with a simple “#tbt Whoa!!!” — and whoa is right!

Cannon also shared a second photo, this one of himself, Lil’ Kim and Kanye West (who we all know now happens to be married to Cannon’s ex-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian West). Cannon captioned the photo with “#tbt Same Night!!! Could it have…. Nah!!! LOL.”

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Kardashian West and Cannon dated for about five months between September of 2006 and January of 2007, and according to Us Weekly, they split because of her sex tape with Ray J. But surprisingly, the reactions to the photo have had very little to do with the fact that Cannon and Kardashian West hooked up in the past. People appear to be far more interested in how much the appearances of the women in the photo have changed over the years.

“Wow that’s when Kim was super natural and very pretty,” plumeria036 commented.

Carmensandiego_77 also commented on the photo with “Right whoa…kim k looks very different now in the face.”

“Nick you haven’t changed a bit…you looked handsome then and more handsome now….as for the rest…hmmm. Paris still look the same,” cdegoddess shared. And beautifulj_1 seemed to share the same thoughts, writing, “@nickcannon got jokes today!!! Only you and Paris Hilton look the same. Plastic surgery is the devil!!!!”

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There’s no denying Kardashian West does look different now, but to be fair, she was only 26 in the photo, so her looks and style are bound to have changed with time (and it’s been 10 years).

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