Go home, Jill Zarin, you're drunk

Jan 19, 2017 at 4:25 p.m. ET
Image: C.Smith/WENN.com

Jill Zarin, formerly of The Real Housewives of New York fame, is headed to Washington, D.C. for Donald Trump's inauguration, and you guys, she is so excited about it.

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Apparently, Zarin and her husband are old friends of the Trump family and that landed them personal invites to the ceremony. She posted some pics on Instagram of the invitations she received.

"Dad is out of woods and I’m packing for D.C.! This is my first inauguration. I am going as an AMERICAN to support democracy (and hey I got invited. ..!)," she wrote.


Naturally, because Trump is a little bit divisive or something, Zarin's post drew all kinds of trolling from her followers.

"You're ignorant. Unfollowing," one wrote.

"Well someone needs to fill those seats. Trump is paying for ads on FB and Twitter because he has an underwhelming amount of people attending LOL," another said.

"By the way Jill please make sure you cover up your lady parts. The president elect is a sexual assaulter," another follower commented.

Zarin clearly got tired of all the hate, because when she posted another photo of the same invitations for some reason, she turned off comments.


"Here is the other in case curious. If you want to unfollow me … bye bye!" she wrote on the second photo. "I’m sick of bullies. I don’t agree with some things but running away won’t change it. Be there.. show up… use the system to communicate. But don’t you dare make me feel guilty for going to see OUR country at work."

One Instagram post bragging about going to an event that almost no one wants to attend is one thing. But two? Has anyone told her that she just got a personal invite to what's basically just going to be a really shitty concert?

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